Prof. Hans Jorden, President of IPhO

The 2nd WoPhO: A Very Vital Branch for theScience Olympiad

 09:55 WIB

Interview: Prof. Hans Jorden, President of IPhO

There so many Science competitionand Olympiadsout there. World Physics Olympiad (WoPhO) is one among them. But Hans Jorden, the President of International Physics Olympiad (IPhO),said that WoPhO has its own uniqueness.Because of that, WoPhO have become a very vital branch for the international Science Olympiad.

“It’s a very special competition because it’s not only for the high school students anymore but also for freshmen from university can take part as well. And they are the best. The one who got medal from IPhO and AphO are invited to participate in WoPhO. That does indicate also the standardof the problems given, which are much higher than the IPhO,” said the Professor from Groningen University.

Jorden has been known as head of 2 international competitions: the President of IPhO and also Vice President of International of Young Scientist (ICYS). For him,  science competition like WoPhO is a very nice way to make students interested more in Science and Physics in this particular case.That’s why Jorden has a very big expectation on this Olympiad.

 “Although, this is the 2nd one, there’re very interesting problems so far. I hope, really hope, that there will be a very long and fruitful future for the WoPhO.” (***)