Jakarta & Tangerang

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Jakarta is the main entrance gate to Indonesia. Situated on the coast of North Java, it is a vast and densely populated metropolitan which is divided in five administrative areas: North, South, West and East. As a capital city Jakarta continues under going changes and never stops developing. Is a melting pot of traditional and modern cultures that create richly varied tourist attraction sites.

Due to its strategic coastal location, for centuriesJakarta has served as a hub of races, cultures & traditions of hundreds of ethnic groups that constitute the Indonesian people. The history of the city is made of myriads of events and incidents making this city a beautiful and nostalgic place.

Jakarta is the center of goverment, business, finance and service activities, furnished with lofty and luxurious skyscrapers. The presidential palace, five star international standard hotels, and hundred of prime shipping centers are located here.

Jakarta is a one-stop destination with a vast array of tourist attractions, such as monuments and museums, recreational parks, day and night amusement centers, varied culinary comprising traditional as well as modern cuisines, and more than ten international standard golf courses. Jakarta that was formerly known as Batavia is also furnished with a wealth of fascinating traditions and numerous art and cultural centers.

At The heart of the capital city is the renowned National Monument (Monas), a landmark of Jakarta. With a height of 37 meters, monument is capped with a 50 kg gold flame. Visitors can take an elevator to the top of the tower to enjoy the view of the city.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Indonesian Miniature Park
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Taman Mini) is a region of cultural theme park in East Jakarta Indonesia. This park is a compilation of the national culture of Indonesia, covering various aspects of daily life of people from 26 provinces of Indonesia (in 1975), Taman Mini display the traditional architectures, various clothing, dances and traditions of Indonesia.  

Ancol Dream Park
This tourist attraction located in North Jakarta. Some of the attractions located in Ancol,

  1. Ancol Fantasy World, which opened to the public on August 29, 1986, and popular as Dufan, is the first theme park developed by Ancol.
  2. Atlantis Water Adventure (AWA) is a second theme park developed by Ancol and stands on an area of 5 hectares.
  3. Venues Samudra Ancol (“Ocean”) is the third theme park developed by Ancol. Ocean is an edutainment theme park nuanced nature conservation.  
  4. Sea World is the first underwater aquarium and the only one in Indonesia, with an area of 2 hectares (managed by the BOT format).
  5. Ancol Art Market – a center of arts and crafts activities that provide inspiration and insight for art lovers and collectors. Art market is a tangible concern for the survival Ancol talented artists. Art Market is also equipped with Gallery Exhibition (North Art Space / NAS), Souvenir Shop, Plaza and Stage Performing Arts.
  6. Hanging Train Gondola (Sky lift) is a cable car linking the tourist attractions to one another in Ancol area which extends along approximately 2.4 miles from Beach Festival to AWA parking area.


Tangerang has cultural tourism resources that are developed as tourist destinations. Tangerang is a busting city of 1,5 million found some 20 kilometres west of Jakarta, which has effectively grown into suburb of the capital city. As one of Indonesia’s largest industrial centres, Tangerang is a place that attracts visitors mainly for commercial reasons. Those seeking a more relaxing holiday tend to travel a few hours beyond Tangerang further west to the beaches of Anyer or north to Tanjung Pasir.

There are also other tourist destinations that are recognized nationwide and even internationally. They include Enchantment Beach Anyer, Carita and Cape Lesung, maritime tourism Umang Island, Ujung Kulon National Park, tour the Old Banten Religion and Baduy Traditional Society.