What is WoPhO

 08:07 WIB

World Physics Olympiad – Beat the Champion, a secondary school level individual physics competition—initiated by Prof. Yohanes Surya, PhD. (founder of the Surya Institute School of Education or STKIP Surya) in 2011 —is a unique competition.

This competition will last for a full year in three rounds:

1. Selection round 

2. Discussion round

3. Final round

Each round has its respective mission, i.e.:

  1. Selection round:  provides an opportunity for as many students as possible to participate in this physics competition based on internet technology.  Problems presented in the selection round will encourage students to study high-level physics.  Indirectly, the students will enhance their knowledge on physics.
  2. Discussion round:  provides an opportunity for the participants to discuss the solutions of the selection round’s problems or other problems at the level of the physics Olympiad.  This will also be a communication forum for future physicists, which will hopefully grow to become a social network of physics aficionado’s.
  3. Final round: is the ultimate challenge for all participants, an opportunity to contest the physics champions (APhO and IPhO gold medalists), which will definitely heighten the pressure and enhance the sense of competition.